Bilingual Weekend Nanny Needed


Venice Beach, CA

Awesome working parents, who employ a VIP nanny during the week, are looking for a weekend nanny for their adorable 11-month-old. Their preferences would be a bilingual (Spanish/English) weekend nanny because dad speaks some Spanish, and their current weekday nanny speaks Spanish to the child.

Friday 8am - 10pm (14 hours)
Saturday 10am - 10pm (12 hours)
Sunday 10am - 4pm (6 hours)
= 32 hours total

The family loves to take weekend trips, approx. 1-2 times per month. Typically will leave on a Friday and return Sunday night or possibly Monday morning. The family pays an additional $100 per night you are out of town.
Some Saturdays nights the parents will host a dinner party and ask that you be willing to help clean-up (basic clean up of kitchen, load/empty the dishwasher, etc.)

$35.00/hr. gross