Family Assistant Needed

On Hold

Westchester, CA

Are you looking for a long-term position where you grow with a family for many years to come? Look no further, this job is for you! This VIP single dad has two boys, ages 7 and 5. The family has a cat they adore, and they hope their new nanny will feel the same way.
The kids spend 50% of their time at their mom's house (which you will not be required to work at); however you will be guaranteed a salary of 40-hours per week. You may be asked to spend a few hours keeping the cat company if dad is on a trip and the children are with their mother. This upcoming school year, the 5-year-old will start Kindergarten in the Fall, and both children will be at school all day. School is walking distance to their home. "Roughly" the workweek is Wednesday-Saturday, 12:00pm-8:00pm; however you must be flexible due to dad's unpredictable work schedule.
Duties will include running errands, grocery shopping, children's laundry, and meal prep. Dad is really looking for someone who thinks ahead and can see when supplies are running low/needs to be replenished. You will work on average 4 days a week. Due to dad's work schedule, you may be asked to work an occasional weekend and/or stay overnight. *Flexibility is key in this position*
The is very long-term job. If you love the Family Assistant role, and eventually want to be a House Manager, this might be the job for you!