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Family Assistant Needed


Agoura Hills, CA

This VIP family of four (and sometimes five when their son is home from college), is looking for a family assistant to help run a smooth sailing ship. The 18-year-old graduating in June does not drive and sometimes needs to be driven places. The family also has a daughter who is 13-years-old and will need assistance being picked up/dropped off from school and other activities. There will also be house sitting and dog sitting needed when mom and dad travel for work. Some dates that are already coming up for this; 2/20-2/26 and 4/6-4/16, as well as summer travel in June/July. There will also be times that you will need to stay overnight with one or both of the kids while mom and dad are away. Some other duties you will be responsible for are; grocery shopping, prepping dinner 3/4 times a week, various errands, organizing files/mail/bills, and coordinating with the virtual assistant and the barn manager (they own a few horses).

**ROUGHLY 11:00am-7:00pm


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