Live-In Nanny Needed

On Hold

Studio City, CA

This VIP family has 4 children ages 2,4,6,8 and needs a nanny who is willing to work the weekends. The reason for this is because the children have crazy activity schedules and mom is having a hard time taking them to soccer, basketball, dance, etc. Sometimes you will take children to practice and sometimes you will stay at home while mom takes a kid to a game for example. They like to do date nights on occasional Saturday's and sometimes will need you to watch the children overnight if they go out of town. If you can travel with the family that is a major plus but not a requirement. They are open to someone living-in Friday-Sunday/Monday; working Friday evenings, and both Saturday's/Sunday's from 7:00am-7:00pm. You will be provided a private bedroom and bathroom. If you are interested in more hours, there is an option to live-in Monday-Sunday if you'd like. They do already have a part time nanny who works during the week but are willing to work out a schedule where you will either have morning hours helping the children get ready for school, or helping out with a night routine. Please inquire within if you'd like to live-in during the week as well as the weekend.