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Temporary Nanny Needed for 4 Months


Westchester, CA

This VIP family who already staffs an amazing VIP nanny, is expected to give birth mid-April and we are looking for a temporary nanny who can fill in for the family while she is on maternity leave. Dad has two boys, ages 5 and 7-years-old. The boys split custody with their mom and you are not expected to help at moms house during those days. The family also has a cat that you will need to be comfortable around. When dad is working out of town, you will come once a day to take care of the cat even if the boys are with their mom. Duties will include kids laundry, change bed linens weekly, grocery shopping, dry cleaning runs, shopping for household items as-needed. When dad is home, he usually prepares the kids meals. When this happens, you would help with kitchen cleanup while dad is upstairs giving the kids baths and getting them ready for bed. You will also assist with pick up/drop off for school, along with homework help for the elder child. Normal days and hours will be Wednesday through Saturday, 12:30pm to 8:30pm. You’ll have a couple hours before the kids get home from school at 3pm to do household tasks and errands uninterrupted. You will average 4 days per week, but dad will guarantee full-time employment of 40 hours/week minimum.



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