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Traveling Housekeeper


Beverly Hills, CA/ Hamptons, NY

High profile VIP clients are looking for a weekend housekeeper on Saturdays and Sundays only. In July the family spends time at their home located in the Hamptons until mid-October. You will be required to travel with the client and become a live-in housekeeper in the Hamptons, working working 5 days per-week from July to mid-October. You will be compensated for working a 40-hour-work-week the ENTIRE duration of your job, even though you are only working 2 days per week majority of the year.

You must have the following:

-Experience working with a team. This is a fully staffed home and there is one other housekeeper.

-Is not opposed to working over time when needed-this comes up from time to time when the family has events, etc but not every week just here and there

-Easily adaptable to changes and is flexible

-Must be ok with dogs-the family has one dog

- Really good with laundry, as you will be responsible for housekeeping and all laundry/ironing.

-Strong longevity with past employers


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