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Weekend Nanny Needed Long-Term


Westwood, CA

High profile, busy working VIP parents are looking for a weekend nanny to help them out. They currently have a newborn and a 5-year-old. For now, your responsibility will only be taking care of the 5-year-old. In March when the baby is 3-months-old, you will be responsible for both children. This is a full charge nanny role; you will cook all of the children's meals and be responsible for their laundry, keeping everything child-related organized and neat at all times. When mom and/or dad are taking care of the kids, you might be asked to run errands or help stocking and ordering things online. If you are bilingual, that is a MAJOR plus! If you ever need to transport the children there is a nanny care available for use. The family is looking for a very proactive nanny who constantly is on top of EVERYTHING. They currently have two nannies who work during the week who also travel with them when needed. Twice a year you will need to stay overnight with the children when the parents are away. On occasional Saturday nights you will be asked to stay later for date night.

Saturday/Sunday UNTIL MARCH:



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