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Weekend Nanny Role


Venice, CA

Busy parents are looking for an energetic, healthy, nanny for their 9-month-old boy and very active 7-year-old boy. They are looking for a nanny to work Friday-Monday, ideally live-in with a guest house provided. If not live-in, the family asks that you are flexible for 8-10 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday. You must be comfortable in the kitchen, as nutrition is of utmost importance to this family. They travel semi-regularly, mainly to NYC, Colorado or Europe. Some other important things to note; the family is big on safety, and a healthy, nurturing dynamic with exceedingly clear communication. They are looking for someone to be there when they need them. At times when you are not needed you will find other areas of productivity if mom and dad take the kids out or want to have family time. You must be a team player and will coordinate and communicate with the weekday nanny to ensure consistency for the kids and that information passes seamlessly. This may include the preparation of some food for the baby or some baby laundry to get a head start on the week.

Start Friday: 7:00pm
End Monday: 7:00am


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