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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

We meet nannies and household staffing candidates daily here at VIP, and among all the important discussions, there is one thing we cannot stress enough: what you post on social media will make or break your career.

Over the years, countless clients have turned away candidates based on their social media presence. As we all well know, every household position is a precious and sacred thing. Even more so, childcare is a precious and sacred thing. If your online presence is less than honorable and trustworthy, you have eliminated yourself from the professional game. Make your account private. Think twice before you post always. Even private posts are not private because any follower can screenshot and share your content.

Another more localized issue here in Los Angeles, is a “Secret Facebook Group” which, *spoiler alert*, is not a secret. You can easily incriminate yourself on these pages by what you post and even the tone in which you speak with others. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. The more members in a group, the more eyes are watching and reading what you post. Please be careful.

It’s a small world, and the nanny industry is even smaller. In this competitive market, everyone is under a microscope. Be cautious and careful of what you say about others and to others online. Be extremely cautious of what you say to your coworkers and employers.

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