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Professional Full-Time Housekeeper


Beverly Hills, CA, USA

This high-profile VIP family is looking for a full-time professional, reliable housekeeper to add to their team. Their home is 10,000 square feet and three stories, you must be ok with walking up and down many stairs. Responsibilities include all things housekeeping related, keeping the house tidy, doing the family laundry, changing/making beds, deep cleaning, etc. The family is not micromanagers so you must be able to take initiative.

This is a well run fully staffed home, all staff gets along great and they are looking for someone with positive energy and the perfect fit to add to their team. The family has both a dog and children, but with the assistance of nannies, there is no requirement for additional childcare.

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am/4:00 pm OR 9:00 am/5:00 pm


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