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9 Fall Crafts For Every Age

The leaves have started falling and the air is crisp and cold… okay, none of that is happening here in sunny L.A, but fall is still our favorite season.

With the changes in nature and Thanksgiving around the corner, fall is a great time to get some craft projects going with your kids.

Doing crafts and artwork as a family is a great way to connect with your kids and spend some quality time that they’ll always remember.

Crafts help younger kids develop their motor skills and gain confidence in creativity, while helping older kids stay engaged in something other than a screen.

While crafts are a great time to spend time with your kids, nannies can be useful in planning large projects. Utilize your nanny to gather ingredients, set up the project, and clean up afterwards so that you can focus on having fun with your kids.

Here are 9 fall crafts for every age that we’re loving – 3 crafts for toddlers to kindergarten kids, 3 crafts for elementary school children, and 3 crafts for teens.

Fall crafts for toddlers to kindergarteners Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders

This outdoorsy craft comes together with materials you probably already have – like peanut butter, and seeds. Kids will delight in gathering pine cones outside and will love the “responsibility” of feeding the birds. Leaf and Twig People

Our favorite kinds of crafts for toddlers involve children getting out in nature and gathering their own materials.

Kids can marvel in the differently colored leaves, and will have so much fun putting together little people out of leaves and twigs.

If you live in a place that doesn’t have fall leaves, see what else you can make out of what can be found in your nature.

There’s nothing cuter than hedgehogs.

These fall hedgehogs are a quick and easy craft that look good enough to serve as aww-worthy decorations around the Thanksgiving table.

Fall crafts for elementary school children

Let your children put their stamp on the Thanksgiving table by creating these beautiful leafy place cards. All they need to do is collect leaves from the yard, and put guests’ names on the leaves using a paint pen. This craft is a great way to get your kids involved in hosting. The Art and Science of Leaf Rubbing

If you’re looking for an educational craft for your kids, look no further than the leaves in your own backyard. Leaf rubbing is fun, but it can also teach kids the science of how water travels through trees. This tutorial comes with plenty of resources for the science side of this craft, so you don’t have to dig up your old science notes. Thanksgiving Candy Mason Jars

Kids can sometimes forget family members they only see once in a while, and this craft is a perfect way to remind them of aunts and uncles they only see once in a while. Each feather of the turkey has written on it something your child is thankful about that pertains to the specific family member. These cute little jars make for a great party favor, and help kids stay connected to distant family members. Fall crafts for teens

This craft is perfect for the teen who is expecting a younger sibling. Let their imagination run wild as they collect materials from nature and put together a thoughtful gift for their new sibling on the way. You can certainly do this craft with younger children, but teens are able to take pride in completing the mobile from start to finish without any help. Paper Pumpkins

This project is perfect for the perfectionist teen in your house. These beautiful pumpkins require precise cutting and folding, making it not a suitable craft for younger kids. This is a great craft to work on with your teen to help them put together a fall get together, or even decorate the outside of your home. Falling Leaves Garland

This craft is for the glitter loving teen in your household. These glammed up leaves start out as the regular leaves you find in your backyard before getting their glitter treatment. If your teen is always complaining about how childish most crafts are, they’re sure to be impressed by this sophisticated project. And because they’re a big kid by now, they can clean up all the glitter.

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