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Disney VIP Nanny

Well, Hello VIP Nannies Inc. Household Staffing Members!

We know that the kids you nanny for probably love Disneyland (who doesn’t!). Plus, taking your kiddos to have the best time of their lives at the most magical place on earth also probably makes you the best nanny of all time…At least, we think so.

But with how busy you are, and with all the things you have to keep track of, you probably are not aware of all of the little details and secret insider tips that will make your day at Disneyland as smooth as possible, so that everyone can have the best overall experience. Are we right? We knew it. Also, how do you ensure that your day or days in the park will be stress-free as possible, and how do you guarantee that you make the most of any exclusive packages in special experiences that are available?

You’re in luck!! We’ve compiled a mini guide for you in this article to discuss the best times of year to go, how to navigate crazy crowds, and all of our insider pro tips to survive (and thrive!) during a fun day(s) at Disneyland.


So starting off, let’s address the most important topic:


The best time of year to go to Disneyland is typically September and mid-October. The crowds are significantly lower, because more people are in school, and the weather is a little bit breezier. Another great time of year, with similar crowd levels to September – mid-October, will be January. Right after all the kids have gone back to school after winter break is an ideal time to make a less-crowded (so ultimately probably less stressful too!) trip to Disneyland. February is also typically fairly lower on the crowd-level meter, however avoid Valentine's day and the days right before and afterwards. When aiming for less crowded times, holidays will not be your friend.

Prices of tickets are also often slightly lower during these off-times. Keep in mind: if you go in September, or mid-October, be sure to check fall break dates for schools because that is something that will add crowds in October.

If you aren’t going for the whole day, start at the parks as early as possible in the morning and leave mid-afternoon, for further crowd avoidance. Maximize your time!

Also, speaking of crowds, we’ve got tips for you on how to navigate the crowds, because sometimes they’re unavoidable:


Sometimes you schedule your Disneyland trip for the least crowded time of year, you do all the research, you book the tickets, and yet, still, the crowds are more plentiful than you anticipated. In the event that this occurs, below are some of the tips you need to avoid and navigate the crowds as much as possible while in the parks.

To avoid crowded times, be sure you’re not going on a holiday or weekend, as mentioned previously. There are even actual websites that are crowd predictors for Disneyland so check these out in advance.

Additionally, moving beyond things out of your control, did you know that Disneyland Resort has VIP tours? Treat yourselves to a significantly more carefree and easy Disneyland day trip, when you purchase a VIP package. Personalized treatment, and many perks included! Essentially, the VIP experience is a private guided tour. Guests who purchase the VIP experience at Disneyland will receive specialized treatment throughout their day from a personal Disneyland guide. Additionally, VIP seating at parades and shows, along with “skip the long line“ priority for rides and attractions will be included with the purchase of the VIP ticket! Your VIP access day is also very customizable to how long that you want to stay in the parks. So, if the children you’re bringing are young, you may want to plan for a shorter day. Prices for VIP access tickets start at $3500. You can book for up to 7 to 10 hours of access to a VIP guided tour. We highly recommend this option for a personalized experience, shorter lines, and an overall excellent day at Disneyland. It’s important to keep in mind that you will still have to purchase a theme park admission ticket that is separate from your VIP reservation for each individual guest. For more information about the VIP access to Disneyland, contact “Disney Special Activities.” Email them at the email listed below or call them at the phone number.

Disney Special Activities

(714) 300-7710


Alright folks, so we talked about crowds and we have talked about VIP access. But what else do you need to know? Maybe this is your first time going to Disneyland and you need all the prayers. Maybe you’re a seasoned Disneyland Pro, but you need tips to survive the day in the parks. We got all the insider tips here for you read on!

PRO TIP #1: First things first, is to hit all the big rides first. If you have any must-rides or favorites on your list, make sure to prioritize those because waiting until the end of the day to get on rides (especially popular ones!) does not guarantee that you will have a chance. Make sure you get those checked off first and then use the other rides on your list to fill in your afternoon. Another recommended way to go about it is to ride the rides while other people are watching the big parades and shows. Usually, when big shows and parades are going on, it’s a great time to hop on a ride with a shorter line.

PRO TIP #2: Pro Tip #2 is to make sure that you purchase Genie+ in advance. You will have to get up early to reserve your fast passes for the day each morning that you are at a park, but Genie+ turns out to be so worth it in the longrun. If you’re on the fence, trust us and definitely do take the plunge. Especially if you don’t go for the VIP Access Experience route, having Genie+ will expedite your wait times and result in a happier experience for everyone.


PRO TIP: Bring a portable charger with you! Your phone will automatically get to a much lower charge much quicker when you are using it all day long to check your Disneyland app, using Apple Pay, or even just taking tons of photos.

PRO TIP: Get a park hopper ticket! Many people who don’t understand the importance of a Park Hopper ticket will pass up this opportunity, but trust us. The Park Hopper ticket allows you to quite literally do just that – hop between parks! Start your day at Disney California Adventure Park and close it out at Disneyland Park. Utilize the chance to leave and swap between parks with ease and at a better deal. You’re welcome in advance folks!

PRO TIP: If you are staying overnight, make sure you stay on-site. There are specialized Disney perks for staying at a Disney resort hotel instead of a non-Disney hotel outside of the resort. People think that off-site hotels are cheaper and that it will be a better deal, but you actually miss out on a lot including extra magic hours, access to utilizing the monorail system, and unique dining experiences in the hotels that you won’t have offsite. Sometimes, you can even enter the parks earlier than regular guests if you’re staying on site.

PRO TIP: If you’re going to be eating anywhere in the parks, make a reservation beforehand so that there is no disappointment. Also, guarantee yourself less of a wait time!

PRO TIP: If you get to the park earlier, then it opens, for “Rope Drop “as they call it, (and we recommend doing so, as it is crucial for a less crowded ticketing process when entering into the park), sometimes you’ll get to enjoy an opening song or welcome announcement as well! Go for Rope Drop!

PRO TIP: Lastly, get an autograph book because your kiddos will want to preserve the memories of meeting their favorite characters by getting each of their autographs. And they’ll love you for thinking of it.


If you purchase your child a balloon and it accidentally gets popped, Disney employees will replace it for you. Just present the popped balloon.

Don’t skip Cars Land! It’s super cool, has lots to do, and is unique to Disneyland, as Walt Disney World does not even have a Cars Land. So enjoy it, because you can!

Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing! And dress for the weather – bring a rain jacket or you could end up buying a poncho.

All in all, we hope these tips help you not only survive but also experience Disneyland to the fullest. There’s endless fun to be had, you just have to know how to navigate the tricky parts and the crowded parts! So, plan ahead, call and ask questions, consider the VIP access experience, and take endless pictures!

Here’s hoping that you have the most magical time at Disneyland!

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