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End of The Year Bonuses to Acknowledge Your Nanny's Hard Work During the Holidays

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

As the holidays roll around it is a thoughtful gesture to give your nanny a holiday bonus as a sign of gratitude for their hard work and dedication to your family throughout the year. Holiday bonuses help boost morale and foster a positive and motivated attitude towards their work.

Determining Holiday Bonus-

Giving your beloved nanny a cash bonus is a standard practice throughout the nanny industry. A typical bonus is one week’s pay. Providing your nanny with one week's pay or more is a respectful gesture that signifies your appreciation and adherence to good etiquette. Knowing that their hard work is recognized and rewarded encourages your nanny to maintain high standards and dedication. This bonus can be added to their paycheck or provided as cash.

Like the sound of a holiday bonus, but want to make it a bit more personal?

Combine the bonus with a card and a hand-written message explaining how grateful you are that they are your nanny! Have your children help out by writing a special message to their nanny. With your kind words and some extra money in their pocket, they will surely enter the holiday period with gratitude and a smile.

Providing Paid Time Off (PTO) as a holiday present also offers several benefits for both employers and employees.

Is there a week or so coming up that you could surprise your nanny with the gift of paid time off? Providing PTO demonstrates recognition and appreciation for the nanny's hard work and dedication in caring for your family. This gives your nanny a mini vacation and an opportunity to visit far-away friends/family over the holidays and have some uninterrupted relaxation.

Finding the right gifts can be a challenge - especially at this notoriously hectic time of year! If you know the struggle, we hope this article's ideas will help. Keep them in mind and you should be one step closer to giving your nanny the perfect present this holiday.

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