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What to Get Your Nanny for the Holidays

Your nanny is a lifesaver.

Not only do your kids love your nanny, but, with your hectic schedule and a never-ending list of things to do, your nanny helps keep you sane throughout the week as well!

As the holiday season rolls around, it’s a wonderful idea to gift your nanny something as a sign of your gratitude.

You want to reward your nanny for their hard work and show how much you appreciate their support.

…But what on earth should you give them?!

Read on to discover some awesome ideas for what to get your nanny for the holidays.

Holiday Bonus

pack of money wrapped in row

Giving your beloved nanny a cash bonus is a standard in the nanny industry. A typical bonus is one week’s pay.

Giving your nanny one week’s pay or more is a proper sign of your appreciation and good etiquette.

Like the sound of a holiday bonus, but want to make it more personal?

Combine it with a card and a hand-written message explaining how grateful you are that they are your nanny! With your kind words and some extra money in their pocket, they’re sure to enter the holiday period with a smile on their face. You can also add one of the gift ideas below...

Spa Day

off white tea serving set and woman in robe

We all know how stressful the holidays can be. A spa day would be an amazing way to help your nanny unwind and may not be something he or she would gift themselves. After all, as you know, looking after energetic children can require a recharge!

An afternoon getting pampered by massage therapists and manicurists could be exactly what your nanny needs.

If you wanted to make this holiday gift extra special, consider buying your nanny two spa day vouchers instead of one. That way they can go now and a few months from now!


little boy posing lying on floor holding colored pencil

Some of the best holiday gifts for nannies don’t cost a dime. Case and point?


Both considerate and generous, you could ask your children to make some decorated cards with things like “extra hugs,” “lunch out,” and “quiet time” on the front. Your nanny can then redeem them throughout the year, with no strings attached.

Of course, this kind of gift could work best in addition to something like the holiday bonus above. With a financial and thoughtful element covered, you’ll have checked all the right boxes!

Cozy Loungewear

women standing against wall in cozy loungewear

Cozy loungewear is a great go-to nanny gift.

And for good reason! Comfortable loungewear sets make lazy days off spent laying on the sofa far more enjoyable.

Show your nanny just how much she means to you by splashing out on a designer set. Skin Worldwide, Lunya, and NET-A-PORTER all have some stylish sets available right now. Whichever brand you buy, though, your nanny’s sure to recognize and appreciate the extra expense.

Get Your Nanny the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

With the holiday season nearly upon us, busy people all over the country are desperately searching for the ideal gifts for their nanny! They want to show their gratitude, demonstrate their affection, and do something nice to recognize the support these awesome people offer throughout the year.

Finding the right gifts can be a challenge - especially at this notoriously hectic time of year! If you know the struggle, then we hope the ideas in this article will help. Keep them in mind and you should be one step closer to giving your nanny the perfect present this holiday.


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