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4 Ways To Keep Children Entertained While Traveling For the Holidays

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The holidays are right around the corner. This means that the number of people traveling will increase substantially. In fact, experts expect over 50 million families to travel this holiday season.

Below are some things you can do to keep your children entertained while traveling for the holidays.

1. Bring Along Plenty of Book Options

If you are looking for a fun and educational entertainment option for the holiday trip ahead, then having plenty of good books ready for the children to read is vital. Luckily, there are tons of great books on the market to choose from.

Before you start the process of selecting books for your children to read, consider their age. Choosing books designed for your child’s reading level will help ensure they can read them with ease. If you have children that are pre-K or kindergarten, then you should check out this list of books we have compiled for this age group. Some are available digitally so you don’t need to bring an extra suitcase!

2. Create Your Own Movie Theater

If you have to travel a long distance to get to your holiday destination, create your own “movie theater.” Make sure you download some entertaining kid-appropriate movies onto the family iPad before departure as Wi-Fi can be spotty on planes.

Bringing along tons of your child’s favorite movies can help to keep them entertained for hours. You can also invest in a few holiday classics that you love. Showing children these movies and telling them stories about your favorite parts is a great bonding experience.

Next, pack popcorn, parent-approved candies, and even these popcorn containers that pack easily for an extra movie theater feel.

3. Fill Your Child’s Tablet with Versatile Apps

Modern children have a bevy of technology at their disposal. Most parents buy their children tablets and phones at a very young age. If your children have tablets or phones in their possession, optimizing these mobile devices with the right apps can help you greatly on the holiday trip ahead. For instance, downloading the PBS Kids app is a great idea because it features both videos and games designed for younger children.

You can also download one of the many movies streaming apps on the market to keep your children entertained. Apps like Disney Plus feature iconic children’s films and TV shows, which makes them an ideal option for family trips.

If your children will be using mobile devices on your trip, then having a reliable WI-FI hotspot is a must. By investing in one of these devices, you can provide your children with the strong Internet connection they need to stream their favorite videos.

4. Give Your Kids a Camera to Document the Experience

One of the best parts of going on a holiday trip with your family is making memories. Adequately documenting this experience is crucial when trying to preserve special memories. Providing your children with cameras and some scrapbooking materials is a great way to keep them entertained. Allowing them to document this experience is not only beneficial for them, but it will also provide you with a chance to see the world through their eyes.

If you want to provide your children with the ability to take pictures and print them right away, investing in KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera is a great idea. The pictures printed out by your children can be put into their scrapbooks quickly. With the right equipment, your children can document their travel experience in real-time. The work involved in taking pictures and arranging them in a scrapbook will keep your children occupied for hours. Whether you’re hiring household staff for the first time this holiday season, or you’re looking to reinforce the help you already have, VIP Nannies is here to pair you with top candidates. All of our household staff go through a rigorous vetting process, so you can feel secure in your decision. Talk to us today and get the right staff for your home.

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