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5 New Mom Gifts To Make Her Life Easier

Joining the ranks of motherhood is filled with uncertainty and worry, but you can do your part to make it easier on the new mom in your life.

The best new mom gifts either help with something non-baby related, help make daily baby tasks like feeding and changing easier, or help the new mom feel overall more zen.

We’ve put together a guide of 5 gifts that will have her crying out of gratitude. This is a great list for spouses looking for something special to make the transition to motherhood easier, or for the best friend who wants to truly pamper her new mom friend.

Help her feel beautiful and comfortable

new mom gift dark grey socks and robes
This Hatch to Hospital set will make her feel comfortable and loved

New moms go through a lot of bodily changes, from size changes to stretch marks to things leaking where they shouldn’t, and it can be difficult for a new mom to feel beautiful.

Of course you know that she shines with the radiance of a thousand suns, but many new moms struggle feeling the same way.

The Hatch to Hospital Box is the perfect gift to help the mom-to-be feel comfortable in her own skin.

This box has everything she’ll need when she’s in the hospital, and recovering at home. It includes a luxurious robe and pyjamas, as well as practical and well designed underwear and socks.

All of the items are designed for maximum comfort and luxury, so she can feel her best.

new mom gift la mer dark green skincare
La Mer skincare is the very best

Another great gift for new moms is a luxury skincare kit, like the Mini Miracle Broth Glow Collection.

The new mom in your life will be eternally grateful for the excuse to take a moment for self care, and that her skin will be glowing for those post-maternity photo shoots.

Make feeding easier

Whether she’s breastfeeding or going with formula, feeding a baby is a surprisingly fussy activity. Add to that the fact that newborns typically eat every hour or so, and it’s not surprising that new parents barely get any sleep.

Get her a gift that will make feeding time as painless and seamless as possible.

baby brezza new mom automatic formula maker
This Baby Brezza is the Rolls Royce of formula feeding

If she’s the kind of person who can only manage to press a button in order to make coffee in the morning, then this formula maker is the perfect gift for her.

The Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser was made to simplify feeding when it’s 3am, the baby is screaming, and parents can barely remember their name.

All they’ll have to do is press a button and a perfectly mixed and heated formula fills the bottle.

Easy feeding = happy parents.

willow baby pump new mom gift
Simply pumping with the Willow hands free pump

Any mom that pumps breastmilk knows that it can be a loud, messy affair that keeps you strapped to wires and close to an outlet.

The Willow Hands-Free Pump is truly a technological wonder. It’s a pump that fits in the bra, for quiet and discreet pumping. It’s entirely wire free, as well, so the new mom can pump while she’s doing dishes, or during that one blissful moment of silence while she’s on the toilet.

Help keep her sanity

When a new baby comes into the picture, everything else fades away. It can be almost impossible to juggle it all – cleaning, cooking, taking care of the other children – on only a few hours of sleep.

The ultimate gift for a new mom is to hire her help.

A New Born Care Specialist can come live with the new parents for a few weeks, or a few months, or a few nights, to help mom get adjusted to all the changes and catch a few more hours of sleep. This can give the new mom the ability to keep on top of everything else, as well as taking care of herself.

Another great option is to hire a chef, or housekeeper to keep the household in working order.

If you’re going to give this extremely generous gift, make sure to coordinate with the parents-to-be ahead of time. You’ll want to start the placement process as soon as possible, to ensure that the new mom feels comfortable with the household addition, and that everything is ready before the baby comes.

VIP Nannies, Inc. is here to help place the perfect staff for new moms. Contact us today and we’ll help you figure out what would work as the best gift for the rockstar new mom that you know.


Whether you’re shopping for your spouse or your best friend, make sure that you treat the new mom in your life with a gift that makes her life easier, and helps her feel as beautiful as she is.

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