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7 Gifts for Father’s Day, June 21, 2020

We hope these past few months have offered some quality family time with memories that will stay with your whole crew! By now, most parents have been some sort of at-home teacher, whether it’s been as a math tutor teaching multiplication charts, backyard soccer coach, or chef de cuisine of daily PB&Js. Us moms and dads are playing more roles than ever, and with it has come both exhaustion (anyone else forget everything from their fourth grade social studies class?) and a newfound appreciation for this time spent so closely with one another.

With summer right around the corner, Father’s Day is coming right along with it on Sunday, June 21st. Here are some great gift ideas for the dad who’s been doing double duty as #1 Dad and baseball coach/Lego master/make-believe tea cup party attendee.

1. The Box That Holds Everything

Gift this indestructible, take-it-anywhere, keep-everything safe container from YETI for the dad who’s got plenty of plans for family hikes, beach outings, road trips, and tree house construction.

2. Re-discover Favorite Throwback Music

This awesome subscription for monthly vinyl records delivered to your home curates his favorite bands and songs to create custom records he’ll love jamming out to.

3. Ultimate Barista

Perfect for anyone who considers themselves a “coffee connoisseur.” This little pot makes the perfect cup of hot or iced coffee. Plus, it’s USB-charger friendly, portable, and he’ll have a new gadget he’ll love trying out (AKA better coffee for you, too).

4. Virtual Hole-in-One

Can’t make it out to the green? This virtual golf course is the perfect thing for the guy who’s wanting to perfect his swing.

5. After-Workout Massage and Muscle Recovery

This massager can be used all over for muscle fatigue, soreness, and trigger points. Whether he’s an avid exerciser or busy at home, trust us: he’s gonna love this.

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