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A Guide to Traveling with Your Nanny

Updated: May 2, 2023

Bringing your nanny on a family trip can make a huge difference. Follow these steps to ensure everything is transparent before leaving for vacation. There is a major component to keep in mind: this is not a vacation for your nanny, you might be going to the most amazing destination in the world but remember your nanny is there to work, not to drink mai-tais on the beach with her friends. Here is our detailed guide to traveling with a nanny.

Discuss accommodation beforehand: Will you be staying in an Airbnb or hotel room? Will your nanny be sharing the room with the children?

Discuss a timeline: If you are gone for an extended period of time, what will her days off be? Your nanny is not a robot, she will need some downtime and days off as well.

Discuss how she will be paid: All travel expenses including food, airfare, transportation, etc are covered by the employer. If your nanny is not already a live-in nanny you will need to pay her an overnight/daily fee. It’s customary to pay a daily travel fee to compensate your nanny for being away from her home, friends, and family. The standard rate is about $150-$200 per day (when kids are sleeping through the night). In addition, she should also either be paid her regular hourly salary while she is working. You are also legally required to pay her for the time she spends on a plane, in a car, etc.

**It is very disrespectful to put your nanny in economy with the children while you are in first class.

Don't forget to put yourself in your nanny's shoes, they are more than happy to travel with families so make sure to treat them with fairness and consider all of this before you plan a trip including your nanny! As always we are here to help you, please give our office a call with any questions.

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