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How to Retain your Gen Z Employee

Do you have a Generation Z staff member? Members of Gen Z were born between 1997 and 2012 and represent nearly 25 percent of the population. Here is what you can do to attract and retain Generation Z employees.

Gen Z is already shaping and influencing society and the workplace in numerous ways. When talking with your employees, Generation Z loves check-ins, and face-to-face feedback, and finds communication most authentic when the connection is in person. To build trust and a stronger connection with this generation, you must prioritize transparency and shift your managing and communication style from a “need-to-know” policy to an “open-access” style.

Pay equality is particularly important with Gen Z, conducting open-ended discussions about salary is key to a happy workplace environment. Open-ended discussions/conversations regarding salary and career progression help create stability and motivation for Gen Z.

Having clearly outlined roles is also a desire for Gen Z. When families have check-ins with employees, it is helpful to bring up what they think their employee is doing well and also what they can improve on for the future. This helps Gen Z understand what their employer is looking for the most out of them and where their time should ultimately be allocated towards. Creating an open-ended dialog helps create comfort and trust within a home or workplace. Providing specific constructive examples helps show support for their success.

You can support Gen Z in their professional development by demonstrating your investment in their success, flexing your management style, and communicating inclusively and open-ended.

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