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Natural Remedies for Your Children’s Allergies

After months of being stuck inside, the sunshine and warmer weather of Spring feels like a miracle. But when you have seasonal allergies, it can signal a tough decision between staying inside – or suffering the consequences.

Allergies are more than just a nuisance – the stuffy nose, coughing and blocked sinuses can mimic illness, and are especially concerning given that many of these symptoms overlap with COVID symptoms.

Allergies can be especially miserable for children, who want nothing more than to play outside.

There’s plenty of over-the-counter allergy medication out there, but they can often lead to drowsiness, especially in children.

Read on for some ideas on how to prevent and treat seasonal allergy symptoms the natural way.

*Remember to consult with a doctor before starting any new regimen to treat allergies, and discuss whether or not you or your child’s seasonal allergies require medication.

Preventing Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

There’s no cure for seasonal allergies, but you can definitely take some preventative steps to minimize symptoms.

Most seasonal allergies are triggered by pollen, which is why they act up during the Springtime when pollen is thick in the air.

Preventing allergy symptoms is all about reducing exposure to the allergen itself.

You don’t have to keep your allergy-sensitive child inside every single day, but it can be a good idea to stay indoors on windy days. When the wind is going strong, pollen is much more easily distributed through the air, exacerbating allergy symptoms.

The best time to go outside is right after a good rain. The rain washes some of the pollen away, so there’s less pollen floating in the air.

Another way to minimize allergy symptoms is to keep the outdoors outside. When you go outside, pollen can easily accumulate on clothing and shoes, bringing those allergens inside your home.

When you come home from outside, leave shoes by the door. If your child’s allergies are especially strong, it could be a good idea to change clothes immediately upon coming inside the house.

One of the best ways to minimize allergy symptoms inside your house is to invest in a set of high-quality air filters. Air filters work to filter out small particles like pollen, so at least your house can be pollen-free. These filters are especially important in areas where your kid spends a lot of time – like their room or common areas of the house.

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Allergies are just one of those things that you likely have to deal with your whole life. It can be understandable, then, to not want to rely on conventional medication alone to treat your or your children’s allergies.

Natural remedies are great to try because most of them carry very little risk. They can be especially helpful for people whose allergies aren’t severe enough to warrant taking daily medication, but who still suffer from annoying allergy symptoms.

Eating local honey is one of the most cited treatments for allergy symptoms. The idea is that honey made locally contains local pollen. When you eat that honey, you slowly get exposed to small amounts of pollen, therefore reducing your sensitivity to it. The recommendation is to eat local honey all year long, especially in the months when your allergies are not active.

The jury’s still out regarding the effectiveness of eating local honey, but the good news is that it can’t hurt, and children will love having a sweet honey treat every day.

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple and papaya is also said to help treat allergy symptoms. This is because Bromelain is said to reduce inflammation, which can help minimize allergy symptoms. Bromelain is an all-around great ingredient to have in your daily diet, so even if it doesn’t help with the allergies, it won’t hurt either.

Saline nasal irrigation is a great natural way to clear out a stuffy nose, without relying on medication that constricts blood vessels. You might have to do a bit of wrangling before your child will agree to sit still during this process, but they will feel so much better once it’s done.

Apple cider vinegar seems to be a health catch-all, so it’s not surprising that it helps with allergies as well. Apple cider vinegar helps to break up mucus and improves lymphatic drainage, which will help your child feel less stuffed up.

Spring is for exploring and playing outside, and no child should have to stay inside just because of allergies. If your child suffers from seasonal allergies in the Spring, trying these natural treatments can be a great idea.

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