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Our Back-to-School Tips

Can you believe it's already about time to head back to school? Here are some tips to ensure your kids have a safe and productive school year. It is no secret that all ages of kids get nervous starting a new school year, as parents it is important to remember all the positive aspects of a new school year and reiterate that- meeting new friends, seeing old friends, being an older kid on campus, etc. If your child seems nervous, ask them what they are worried about and help them problem-solve ways to master the new situation.

Getting in the swing of the school year sleep schedule as opposed to the summer sleep schedule can be a little tricky. Sleep is a crucial component to children's success while in school Our tip: plan our sleep/waking schedule a week prior to the first day of school so waking up won't be as strenuous.

Back-to-school shopping whether you’re looking for school supplies, new clothes, backpacks, lunch bags, notebooks, or any school supplies can be a challenge. Here are our back-to-school favorites:

  • (4) College-ruled spiral notebooks, you will always need these, might as well stock up

  • (1) Three-ring binder to hold vinyl folders and notebooks in one place

  • (6) 2 pocket, three-hole-punched vinyl folders, essential for keeping important teacher handouts

  • (1) Pencil pouch, don't want to lose the pens and pencils just yet

  • (2) Packs of index flash cards, our favorite memorization way to study

  • Miscellaneous supplies we recommend:

-Variety pack of colored pens

-Variety pack of colored highlighters (studying = fun w/ different colors)

-Pack of pencils

-One pencil sharpener (if purchasing non-mechanical pencils)

-One pair of scissors

-Pack of glue sticks

-One 12' inch rule2r

-Two large pink erasers

-One calculator

We are wishing all of our VIP family an amazing 2023-2024 school year. Don't forget: If your nanny's schedule is going to change, make sure you communicate that prior to the start of the school year. Never hesitate to call us if you need anything.

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