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The Benefits of Hiring a Newborn Specialist

newborn baby being held

The largely-accepted idea that newborn parents are exhausted, run-ragged, overwhelmed, and flustered can be a thing of the past with support from Newborn Care Specialists. VIP Nannies knows exactly how precious your time and energy are, and help from a Newborn Care Specialist (sometimes referred to as a “Baby Nurse” or “Night Nanny”) can make bringing baby home smoother and stress-free.

The Newborn Care Specialist is there to support not only the needs of the baby, but also to provide emotional, practical, and even logistical support your entire family as you settle into a new routine.

The old adage “it takes a village” to raise a child is true. Not everyone has the knowledge or people present in their lives to help them care for a newborn baby - it’s a full-time job and there’s no manual! - , but a Newborn Care Specialist can help with things like changing, bathing, sleeping, feeding, and swaddling, taking a tremendous weight off a new parent’s shoulders. Studies have shown that parents who have quality postpartum support tend to heal faster and have lower rates of postpartum mood disorders. This also provides you with an opportunity to use your waking hours to focus on your newborn or other responsibilities, as many of the baby chores, such as laundry, tidying, and bottle cleaning, have been handled by the Newborn Care Specialist while you were asleep.

Newborn Care Specialists are just that - specialists! They are experts in their field, so you can rest easy knowing you have the guidance of a seasoned, professional mentor to support you through this often difficult transition. Newborn Care Specialists can help parents of newborns develop a schedule for their baby that includes feeding and sleeping routines, as well as teaching parents gentle techniques and “tricks of the trade” to help make baby’s life (and therefore your life) easier. Newborn Care Specialists can even help prepare other household managers or nannies for an array of neonatal needs - such as treating diaper rashes or colic, facilitating soothing techniques, addressing reflux issues, swaddling methods, and providing the parents with knowledge about infant formula and breastfeeding.

Newborn Care Specialists are also well-connected with many resources in the neonatal care community and able to provide you with a proper referral if any additional insight or care is needed, especially in cases with multiple babies, premature babies, or special needs babies.

Typically, Newborn Care Specialists work with the families of newborns from the day of the birth to around three months or until the baby is sleeping through the night, depending on the needs of the family. Because of the round-the-clock care provided by many Newborn Care Specialists, they are commonly live-in so that they can be “on-call” to support your family’s full-time needs in caring for baby.

If you are ready for a full-night’s sleep and expert support for your newborn, VIP Nannies is ready to help you find the perfect Newborn Care Specialist for your family’s and baby’s needs.

Whether you are looking for a full-time nanny, a Newborn Care Specialist, or someone part-time, ensuring the perfect fit for your family is of the utmost importance. VIP Nannies can help you find the perfect childcare provider for your family. We start every search by understanding the unique needs of your household and then searching for the perfect match. Compatibility, chemistry, and communication are the touchstones that inform every match that we make. All of our nannies go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are up to your standards. Ready for the best nanny you've ever had? Call us today!

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