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The Benefits of Using a Nanny Agency: Why It's Worth It

Established in 2006, VIP Nannies has been connecting household professionals with families in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Florida, and nationwide for over 17 years. Hiring a nanny or any household staff is a significant decision for any family, and finding the right fit can be a daunting task. That's where VIP Nannies comes in to assist.

Expertise and Screening: At VIP Nannies we specialize in matching families with qualified childcare & household professionals. We have decades of extensive experience in screening candidates, conducting background checks, and verifying references. By utilizing our expertise, families can trust that they are hiring a nanny or household staff member who meets their specific wishlist, requirements, and standards.

Access to a Pool of Candidates: Here at VIP Nannies we have access to a wide pool of pre-screened candidates, including nannies with varying levels of experience, fluent languages, education tiers, and unique skill sets. This ensures that families have a wide range of options to choose from and can find a nanny who is the perfect fit for their unique needs and preferences.

Personalized Matching: One of the key advantages of using VIP Nannies is personalized matching services. Our office staff takes the time to understand each family's childcare needs, lifestyle, and values. They then carefully match them with nannies who align with their requirements, ensuring a successful and harmonious placement.

Ongoing Support: VIP Nannies will provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the hiring process and beyond. From scheduling Interviews to trials to contract negotiations and onboarding, our office staff is there to offer assistance every step of the way. Additionally, our agency offers a 180-day replacement period, a professional employment agreement tailored to the client's unique household situation, a legally drafted confidentiality agreement, and one year of complimentary Sitter Placement Service from VIP for absences due to the employee’s vacation or sick days (The client pays the sitter directly at their regular hourly rate).

Peace of Mind: Perhaps the most significant benefit of using VIP Nannies is peace of mind. Families can rest assured knowing that their childcare needs are being handled by professionals.

Whether you're a busy working parent or simply seeking quality childcare, consider partnering with VIP Nannies & Household Staffing to find the perfect nanny, housekeeper, chef, or household staff for your family! Let's start your search today, give us a call at 818.980.6269.

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